EPSG, 20 October 2004

Guidance Notes
  1. (withdrawn)
  2. Use of Bin Grids and Coordinate Reference Systems in Workstations
  3. Contract Area Definition
  4. Use of the International Terrestrial Reference Frame (I.T.R.F) as Reference Geodetic System for Surveying and Real-time Positioning
  5. Coordinate Reference System Definition
  6. Map Content - Recommended Practice
  7. Guidance Note 7 now made up of two parts:
    1. Use of the EPSG Geodetic Dataset. This document includes the previously issued Guidance Note 9 and Guidance Note 12 (both of which have now been recalled) as well as some information previously covered in the EPSG Database README file.
    2. Coordinate Conversions and Transformations including Formulas
  8. (reserved)
  9. Previous Guidance Note 9 Guideline for the Naming of Coordinate Reference Systems and Transformations is now included within Guidance Note 7 part 1 as Annex D: Data Naming Conventions
  10. Geodetic Transformations Offshore Norway
  11. (reserved)
  12. Previous Guidance Note 12 EPSG Geodesy Database Rules for Deprecation is now included within Guidance Note 7 part 1 as Annex C: Rules for Deprecation
  13. Advisory Note on Datum Transformaton Evaluation and Use
  14. Coordinates Reference Systems in Reserves Unitisation Agreements
  15. (reserved)
  16. Quality Control of Proposed Well Co-ordinates (pending release)